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What if I can’t download the app?

You can still verify authentic Rove products by scanning the QR code with any native or 3rd party QR code scanners.


Why is the app not available on the Apple store?

Recently, Apple has decided to remove all applications relating to vaping. We are in the process of revising our application to get it back on the Apple app store. We plan to have a revised version up and running by mid January.


How can I redeem my Rove points if I can’t download the app?

Please save any QR codes you haven’t redeemed yet. When we release our revised app in January you will be able to scan them in then.


Where are authentic Rove products sold?

Authentic Rove products are currently sold in licensed dispensaries in CA and NV. If you’ve purchased Rove from anywhere other than licensed dispensaries in CA and NV, it is counterfeit.


My Rove product has a manufacturing date prior to March 2019 and doesn’t have a QR code. Is it authentic?

No. Any authentic Rove products that were manufactured prior to March 2019 are not in circulation anymore.


Does Rove use any fillers or Vitamin E?

No. Rove has never used fillers of any kind. No PG, PEG, VG, MCT, or Vitamin E.


Is Rove tested?

Yes. All Rove is lab tested multiple times throughout the production process including a final state mandated compliance test which undergoes 7 phases of testing for: Microbials • Mycotoxins • Pesticides • Cannabinoids • Heavy Metals • Foreign Materials • Residual Solvents



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